Flying Report 1/4/14

Today turned out to be a really good day after a slow start. The day started with light drizzle and low cloud and things did not look promising. The one good thing was that the wind was very light and variable and so we were able to set up outside the clubhouse.

At around 11-45 a nice blue hole appeared in the cloud and we launched to find the cloudbase, it was 1100` and rising rapidly, it was also thermic although very weak.

After that we did not look back and flew until nearly 6pm. The thermals did stay weak but it was very warm and sunny and I think everyone had a good day. A few congratulations are in order, well done to John G. for re-soloing after a long break, especially satisfying as John had been coming down for the last few weeks and been unable to fly for various reasons. Well done to George the Poet for insisting on doing cable breaks on a very difficult day and coping extremely well with everything I threw at him and finally I had the privilege of flying with Phil P. who had not flown since last October ! I can assure everyone he has not lost one jot of his skill, of course he also had the longest flight of the day, surprise, surprise.

So onto the statistics,

Total Launches…………..40.

Total Flight Time………….4hrs. 51mins. (Lots of simulated cable breaks in there as well).

Longest Flight…………….21mins. (As above, well done to Phil but closely followed by David S. in the K18 with 20mins and Geoff G. and Roger H. in the T21.).

Average Flight Time………7min. (Would have been a lot more but for the cable breaks.)

Thanks to everyone who came and stayed even though it looked very grim early on and apologies to Bob H. for the weather not clearing up soon enough for him to fly.

See you soon, Steve P.

Tuesday 9th April 2013

We were lucky with the weather today getting almost exactly what we thought. A little overcast early on with a good but not too strong N. E. breeze. We made a slightly later start than usual as Phil P. needed a hand to unload an aircraft into the workshop. This took the best part of an hour.

Cloudbase was never a problem and there were thermals to be had. To start with they were quite weak but they did improve as time went by. Pete M. had a good flight of 15min. while others came and went leaving him up there.

After a late lunch the sun came out and it was a very pleasant afternoon. Allan and I found a really good thermal after doing a couple of spins, we had a gain of height of around 800′ to nearly 2000′ which enabled us to do a lot more exercises. Everyone flew with a couple of members getting their “buy 3 get one free deal” .

Congrats to George S. for doing his first spins and spiral dives and then he did a very good hangar landing, ok George you can relax now.

It was a really good day and well worth the effort, it was a shame a few more did not come along but 10 of us had a great day.

Total Launches…………..20.

Longest Flight…………….15mins, Well done Pete.

Total flight time……………2hr-20mins.

Average Flight time………6min. But this did include several flights doing height loss exercises.

We finished flying at 17:01 precisely.

See you soon, Steve.

Wednesday 9th January 2013

We were very lucky today in not having any fog at the club this morning. It was down to 50mtrs. in places not many miles away. We had pretty well clear sunshine all day with some very interesting cloud in the morning. There was a large bank of cloud half way to Alcester with a lot of low level scud drifting over the club field. It was not much of a problem with most people only having to wait a couple of minutes for it to drift away. The inpatient ones (mentioning no names Pete the Meat) had to release at 700′ !

By early afternoon it had mostly gone only to be replaced with the canopies starting to get a bit misty.

Flying before the sunset

Flying before the sunset


Everyone flew who wanted to with several managing 2 or 3 flights. Unfortunately the canopy misting finally won and we stopped flying around 3-30pm.

Total Launches……………26

Longest Flights………………8min. Well done to Vic A (2 x 8) Tony M and a Flying Visit from Ken M.

Average Flight Time…………6min.

Total Flight Time ………..2hr. 36min.

All in all a really good day, hopefully we will fly tomorrow so it’s fingers crossed for that especially as Saturday is looking very poor.

See you soon, Steve P.

Sunday 18th November 2012

Good, dirty fun today!

The airfield was still rather wet today but we managed to fly around the worst bits. Unfortunately the launch-point got a bit muddy as did the yellow retrieve Landrover which soon looked brown as it is now sporting the wide wheels again.

Plenty of flying done with yet more pilots taking to our new Ka6. The trick for smaller pilots, apparently, is to put all the cushions in and take out only the ones you don’t need.

We trained Joe on the backup winch and Adrian F began training towards a Basic Instructor rating.

Special congratulations to Phil who re-soloed with us today!

Adrian F, strangely pleased with how mucky he’s made the Land Rover.
(Yes, we know, the tow-out flag is in the back)

Saturday 27th October 2012

It felt like brass monkeys today!

We had a stiff Northerly wind today which made the field setup a little awkward, flying from the SE stub runway, we had the winch in the NW corner and landed 34.The wind also provided significant chill against already low temperatures so most members have sworn to break out the thermals (underwear).

We had a good turnout of club members and a contingent of 4 from Warwick University Gliding Club. Launches were reasonable given the wind direction. Flights were a mixed bag; some pilots encountering only sink, some others getting short climbs under weak streets of cloud.

Winch driver training was given to PhilS and he gave some great launches. By the end of the day, everyone had got in the flying they wanted to do but the Snitterfield Arms and it’s open fire provided a more than welcome retreat.

Tuesday 28th February 2012

We had a good turn out with around 18 members on the flying list at 10am. unfortunately the sun did not break through so we were stuck with a 900′ cloud base all day. However we did not waste the day, we spent the time practicing cable breaks and other low level exercises. It was a good day to try these things, we made best use of what we had..

We flew all day and both instructors did plenty of walking from parts of the field they had probably not seen for some time. Many thanks to Martyn D. and Allan for their patience and help. They turned what looked like a miserable day into one we all enjoyed and hopefully we all learned something.

O.K. so we did………..

21 Launches or simulated failed launches or simulated cable breaks etc. etc.
Best flights, Ken M. with Allan and Derek H. with the amazing time of 4 mins. each.  However Martyn and I managed 2 x 4min flights so I think that makes us the winners !
Average flight time  2 mins.
Total flight time 55mins.

Statistically not very impressive but we all had a good day and had fun (that’s the whole idea). We made the best of a poor day.

Allan is back on duty Thursday which is now looking much better, sun, sea and sand ? well we should get some sun at least.

See you soon,  Steve P.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Today turned out exactly as it said on the tin. Good launches to 1950′, well they were for Nick and George, everybody else was getting 15 – 1600′. A good S.W. breeze and plenty of sunshine in the morning. No showers and not too cold as long as you were out of the breeze.

Cloudbase was a bit of a problem from time to time coming down to 1200′ but it was never thick and was fairly easy to miss. We had a good turnout with about 18 members present. It was good to see Derek H. back after his 2 weeks in the sun, the break obviously did him good, see best flight in the details below.

No problems although we did find a bit of a hole in the field that needs filling. Many thanks to Allan for another good day.


Total Launches….29
Best flight………….16mins. Derek Hudson in the K18.
Average flight time…………7 mins. (without me it would have been better).
Total flight time………………3hr. 29mins.

See you soon, Steve P.