Gliding Courses

We run five-day Glider Pilot Training Courses from Monday to Friday on specific weeks throughout the summer. 

Our 2022 Gliding Course Week dates are the weeks beginning:

  • 13th June
  • 4th July
  • 22 August

Please contact us for details.

Weeks like these are aimed at all levels of ability, especially those who have not flown before, and are tailored to the individual. Instruction is mostly practical, and where appropriate there will be classroom explanations of what you’re learning in the air, but few lectures, no bookwork, and absolutely no tests or exams.

COURse typeprice
1 day course (adult)£200Includes membership for 2 months, first course only
1 day course (under 18)£150Includes membership for 2 months, first course only
5 day course (adult)£595Includes membership for 6 months, first course only
5 day course (under 18) £475Includes membership for 6 months, first course only
1 day course for JLR employee with ELS funding£110Membership available only for duration of course
5 day course for JLR employee with ELS funding£430Membership available only for duration of course

A five-day course guarantees a minimum of three hours in the air, which corresponds to about 20 launches, but we don’t limit your time in the air (especially on good soaring days), and our students usually get much longer than three hours. The course fee also includes six months membership of the Club, so you can come and enjoy the rest of the season, flying as a Club member at Club rates.

Please don’t expect to fly solo within the week, though. A few people do, but it’s exceptional. You’ll probably be doing all the flying by Tuesday or Wednesday, but there’s a great deal of airmanship to be learnt as well. You need to know how to recognise difficult situations, to learn how to avoid getting into them, and when you (inevitably) have got yourself into trouble, how to get yourself out of it. That sort of judgement takes a while to establish itself. (The organisations that ‘guarantee’ to get you to solo standard within a week only get you to the stage of flying a circuit. There’s much, much, more to flying than that.)

If you can’t make a full five day course, we can offer 1 day courses that offer a minimum of four launches or 60 minutes flight time (whichever is reached first). All short courses must be booked in advance. One day courses are available on:

*2022 1 day course dates TBC.

This is your First Flight in a glider, or it’s your first visit to us
You are 17 Years Old or Younger
You are particularly Large or Small
You are concerned about your Physical Fitness
You have a Disability

We have no accommodation on site. If you like, you can bring a caravan or a tent and stay on the airfield at no charge. There’s a shower in the Clubhouse that you can use, once it’s been opened up. Alternatively, there are plenty of B&Bs in Stratford and the surrounding area. There’s a tourist guide to Shakespeare’s Stratford here which tells you about a lot of things going on in the area, local services, restaurants, and accommodation.

If you do expect or hope to fly solo during the week, we’ll need a signed medical form from you, with your driving Licence photocopied on to it. The level of fitness is that of DVLA Group 1 (private driving). We can provide you with the appropriate form, or you can download a PDF version of it.

For more information, or to book your course place, contact Nick.