Club Ladder

The Club Ladder is open to weekday and weekend logger-validated cross-country flights. It closes at the end of September each year.

This is the ladder that runs until the end of September 2019.

Stratford on Avon Gliding Club on the BGA Ladder

Mike CoffeeStratford-on-Avon GC247317781706151315051056100316
Daniel BrownStratford-on-Avon GC17401602156191158144
Barry KerbyStratford-on-Avon GC17601385125844033
Andy BalkwillStratford-on-Avon GC1544130592637753
Sharon KerbyStratford-on-Avon GC161916191
David MartinStratford-on-Avon GC118311831
Chris EdkinsStratford-on-Avon GC117111711
Jeff GaleStratford-on-Avon GC6306301
Iain RobertsStratford-on-Avon GC4384381
Neil CroxfordStratford-on-Avon GC2492491