Astir CS77

Stratford on Avon Gliding club has a Standard Astir CS77 as an intermediate cross-country capable single-seater.

The Astir is the next step up from the SZD 51-1 Junior and offers retractable undercarriage, a water ballast system and significantly greater performance.

A very spacious cockpit combined with docile handling and powerful airbrakes make the Astir a pleasure to fly.

Stratford’s Astir is equipped with a Borgelt B50 variometer with averager and a Garmin GPSII/III mount.

Astir CS77Astir CS77 Specifications:

Empty weight: 270kg.
MTOW (dry): 380kg.
MTOW (full water): 450kg.
VNE: 135kts.
VB: 135kts.
VA: 92kts.
Best L/D (book): 37 @ 51kts dry / 38 @ 57kts full-water.
Min Sink: 118 feet/min.