Junior Membership

These schemes are run by Stratford-on-Avon Gliding Club to encourage young people to take up gliding. While gliding need not be an expensive sport, the initial costs are certainly beyond the means of many young people, especially those in full-time education. The scheme provides reduced cost flying for suitably eligible young people. All we ask for in return is commitment and enthusiasm.

Who is Eligible

There are three schemes for Junior Membership.

Student Membership.
Under-21 Membership.
Under-26 Membership.

Student Membership

If you are between 13 and 22, inclusive, and in full-time education, you can apply for Student Membership. We limit ourselves to a maximum of ten student members at any one time.

What is it Worth?

The scheme provides reduced-cost Club membership and flying fees whilst you satisfy the requirements specified above.

The full cost of joining the Club is the annual membership subscription (in 2021, £460). As a Junior Member, your annual subscription is reduced to just £82.50.

Your flying fees are also reduced. The rates are £5.80 per launch (the full fee is £9.95 per launch); flying time at 42p per minute in two seat trainer.

How to Apply

You need to fill in an application form for Student Membership. These forms are available at the Club, online, or contact the Membership Secretary.

Acceptance into the scheme involves a discussion, at the airfield, with the prospective junior member, and a parent or guardian if you are not yet 18. This is partly so that the Membership Secretary can meet you and ensure that you have the right sort of attitude to be a good club member, and partly so that you can meet us and see how we operate. We have a formal Club Policy regarding our dealings with young members.

Under-21 Membership

If you are under 21 at the start of the Club year, 1st April, you are eligible for Under 21 Membership. The membership fee is one third of the full fee, the launch fee is £7.85, and the flying time fee is 27 or 32 pence per minute, in single or two seaters respectively

Under-26 Membership

If you are under 26 at the start of the Club year, 1st April, you are eligible for Under 26 Membership. The membership fee is two thirds of the full fee, and launches and flying time are charged at the full rate, £9.95 per launch and £0.42 per minute.