Junior Fixed Price Membership

This scheme is an alternative to the Junior Membership Schemes. For a single payment all glider flying and launch fees on your agreed flying days are covered by your fixed membership fee for your first year.

Who is Eligible?

If you are 13 to 16 and in full-time education, you can apply for the Junior Fixed Price Membership. We limit the scheme to three juniors on Saturdays and three on Sundays. The scheme is only available for your first year as a member at the club (and provided you have not been a member at any other club). The commitment we’re looking for from juniors on the scheme is to come to the club regularly on their designated weekend day.

What is it Worth?

This scheme is offered at a fixed price so it should give parents (who are likely to be paying the fees!) confidence about the costs involved. See our Prices Page for details.

What is Involved?

On a normal flying day, all student pilots can expect several training flights when it is their turn on the flying list. They will also receive training on the various ground-based tasks that need to be undertaken to keep us flying such as logging flights and retrieving gliders once they have landed.

Junior Members on the Fixed Price scheme are restricted to a specified day at weekends (either Saturday or Sunday). They can also fly during the week when we are open (e.g. during school holidays). Flights on the non-designated weekend day are charged at the relevant Junior Member rate. The scheme does not include flights in our Motor Glider.

How to Apply

You should come and discuss what is involved with us at the airfield along with a parent or guardian. This is so that you can meet us and see how we operate, and so that you understand what is involved and the level of commitment needed. We have a formal Club Policy regarding our dealings with young members.

You need to fill in an application form for Student Membership. These forms are available at the Club; or contact the Membership Secretary: membership@stratfordgliding.co.uk