Soaring Sunday 14/4/24 at Stratford on Avon Gliding Club

Sunday saw a good soaring prospects and a good turnout at Snitterfield to take the opportunity to do some soaring! Richard M ran the field for us and we had all of our two seaters in use as well as our SZD Junior.

A private Ka6E was rigged and joined the launch line, ultimately going off for an impressive climb to 5,400′ as well as the longest flight of the day at 1hr 22mins. The owner commented that while it was a fast climb, it got rather chilly since he’d climbed well above the freezing level!

Keen pilots took multiple launches to give us a total of 34 launches and most flights were soaring flights, averaging 24mins each off the winch!

One K13 which landed neatly within pushing range of the launchpoint used human power to beat the two K21s that were being retrieved by vehicles back to the head of the launch line to get its next launch.

Plenty of smiles on members face by the end of the a great flying day! 😀