First 300km flight for 2024

On Thursday, Stratford pilot Andy B flew the first 300km flight from Snitterfield. A rather late one this year as the field condition has been taking it’s sweet time recovering after the continual rains of recent months!

But finally, we’re back in business with a neatly cut airfield and solid ground to fly off. Pretty well everyone local soaring from the club today had a good soaring flight with local climbs to over 5000′ altitude. 😎

Andy sends the following report of his 300km flight:

My first 300k of the year. Massively under-tasked as it turned out. The forecasts suggested an early start and finish so I launched early (11.30). There was lost of spread-out and alto Cu on the first leg but by routing to the south I was able to stay mostly in the sun. Even when this was not possible the lift was still working under the higher cover. I stayed hight (the high cover made me nervous about getting low) and got round the task (Bedford Bridge, Broadway, Northampton South) at 91kph in 3h22).

Landed around 3.30 but could have flown on for another couple of house at least.

Very pleasant flight and restored my faith somewhat after the poor winter and spring…

Snitterfield Southwest > Bedford Bridge > Broadway > Northampton South > Snitterfield Southwest.