How To Book

COVID-19 Notice:

Due to the current Corona Virus Crisis, and to follow Government advice, we are sorry to announce that we cannot take bookings for Trial Lessons or Air Experience Flights at present.

We will reopen the bookings as soon as Government advice allows us to.

Please note that if you have a Stratford Gliding Club Voucher, for either a Trial Lesson or for an Air Experience Flight, they do not have an expiry date so can be kept and used as soon as we are allowed to fly visitors again.

How to Book

We have an online booking site which lets you book a Trial Lesson,
an Air Experience Flight, or a Trial Lesson Evening.

When you book, you’ll receive a confirmation email from SOAGC, which also contains the code you need if you want to change the date. We also need a contact phone number, because we might have to get in touch with you at short notice.

Booking a Trial Lesson or Air Experience Flight

We will re-open trial-lesson bookings soon.

Booking a Trial Lesson Evening

Trial Lesson Evenings are for groups of people. The booking site for these evenings is here.

Terms and Conditions

We will do our best, of course, but we can never guarantee that we will fly with you on the day that you book, or at the time that you book. There are many things that influence gliding, the biggest of which is the weather, and we might have technical issues that prevent us flying.

We don’t fly in rain or strong winds, and sometimes we rely on forecasts for these in the morning that turn out to be pessimistic by the afternoon. What might look like a perfect day for flying could be very uncomfortable for someone not used to it: on windy days, the air might be very turbulent; or on hazy days, you might not be able to see the ground 1000′ below you.

We very much prefer it if you enjoy your flight with us.

Timekeeping is difficult because the weather is so unpredictable, Sometimes we start flying later than usual, for example if we have to wait for the morning mist to clear, which delays everything. We are flexible about the time we spend with each visitor, and this sometimes means that the next visitor can be delayed.

Overall, safety is paramount, and that governs everything that we do when we are flying with visitors.

There are some other things that you might like to know when you are booking
a flight:

This is your First Flight in a glider, or it’s your first visit to us
You are 17 Years Old or Younger
You are particularly Large or Small
You are concerned about your Physical Fitness
You have a Disability