We’re a Members’ Club, the members do most of the work for the Club voluntarily, and nobody makes a profit out of the flying. This means that we can keep our costs low, which in turn means that we can keep our prices low.

Our aim is to bring safe, affordable flying within reach of everyone.

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Member Prices

For members there is an annual membership fee (which can be paid monthly) and then a charge for every flight you undertake. Most of our members ‘pay as they fly’, but we do have fixed priced packages available from as little as £9.50 per week should you wish to budget your flying.

Member prices valid from 1/4/2024

adultunder 26Under 22Under 19Associate
Annual MembershipOne off£495£400£230£156£49.50
New member joining pack (on joining)£30£30FreeFreen/a
Winch Launch Fee£9.25£9.25£8.60£7.95£9.25
Club Aircraft Time Charge (per minute)
Two Seater (K13/K21) £0.65£0.65£0.49£0.49£0.65
LS4, SZD Junior, Astir£0.59£0.59£0.44£0.44£0.59
TMG Hour (per tacho hour)£90£90£90£90£90
SIte FeesAnnualMonthly(*)
Glider Trailer£230£23
Metered Supply (per kWh)£0.28
Unmetered Supply (per 24hr period or part thereof)£3.00

(*) – Applicable to periods over 14 days

Fixed Price Packages

We can arrange a personalised package for anyone from as little as £9.50 per week.
We run a Junior Membership scheme and also operate a Junior Sponsorship Scheme, which is fixed price package including all membership and flight charges. This 12 month scheme is available to young people aged 13-17 and is by application. Please contact for more details.

Visitor Prices

If you’re not a member of the Club or of any other BGA Club, this is what it will cost you. These charges include 28 days membership, during which time you can return and experience gliding as our members do and at member prices.

Vistor prices valid from 1/1/2024

Voucher typePrice
BGA VouchersSold by BGAHand voucher to Bursar in cash box
TMG Experience£15030 mins
Gliding Experience (all year) £95
Member’s Guest£5Day membership for guest who will fly with the member, at the member’s expense
Day group (min 3 booked) ( Mar-Oct only) £60 / head
Experience 2nd Flight£20
Experience 2nd Flight if 1st flight less than 10 mins (Mar – Oct only) Free
Introductory membership£3503 months, £300 in F/A, New Members pack, 10% discount off full membership. No discount for Juniors, except flying fees

Evenings & Events

You can hire the airfield for your staff, colleagues, club, family and friends for an evening of flying… please contact us for more details – it’s not as expensive as you may think.

For more information, and how to book, please go to our Group Gliding Experiences page.

Gliding Courses

We offer a range of gliding courses in the summer months.

COURse typeprice
1 day course (adult)£225Includes membership* for 1 month, first course only
5 day course (adult)£750Includes membership* for 3 months, first course only

For more information, and how to book, please go to our Gliding Courses page.

Reciprocal Membership

If you are a member of another BGA Club, there is a nominal reciprocal membership fee of £5. However, we have an agreement with most other BGA Clubs that this fee is waived. There are Notes for Visiting Pilots that tell you what you need to know when you’re flying from Snitterfield.

If you are a student and a member of any BGA affiliated club or university gliding society, you can fly with us during the university vacations. Any reciprocal membership fee is waived, so you can fly at Club rates.

If you are a pilot visiting from abroad, we have to charge visitor rates for a single flight, for insurance purposes. This flight includes a two month membership of the Club, during which time you can fly at Club rates.

If you are visiting the area for a limited period such as three or six months, we can arrange a Temporary Membership of the Club. We’ve had temporary members from Germany, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the USA. Please email Katharine Balkwill, the Membership Secretary for details.