Junior Sponsorship

This scheme is run by Stratford-on-Avon Gliding Club to encourage young people to take up gliding. While gliding need not be an expensive sport, the initial costs are certainly beyond the means of many young people. The scheme provides financial assistance for the first year of a glider pilot’s training, which is normally enough to reach solo standard and beyond.

Who is Eligible

If you are 13 to 16 and in full-time education, you can apply for the Junior Sponsorship Scheme. We limit the scheme to three sponsored juniors on Saturdays and three on Sundays. The commitment we’re looking for from the sponsored juniors is to come as often as possible on their designated weekend day, and also whenever feasible during the week in the school holidays.

What is it Worth

Junior Sponsorship costs the same as the full annual membership subscription (in 2021, £460). Within certain limits, all flying fees are included in this membership fee.

On a normal flying day, all student pilots can expect two or three training flights when it is their turn on the flying list. They may be able to re-join the flying list for a flight later in the day, depending on how busy the instructors are, and have more flights. This is a normal training schedule for one day, and this is what is included in the Junior Sponsorship  Scheme.

Sponsored Juniors are restricted to a specified day at weekends, but during the week, if the instructors are not too busy, one flight per day may be included in the scheme.

Solo pilots can expect one long soaring flight of up to 1½ hours, or two short flights, when it is their turn on the flying list. When a Sponsored Junior has reached solo standard, these flights are included in the scheme.

How to Apply

If you want to apply for the Junior Sponsorship scheme, email the Membership Secretary.

Acceptance into the scheme involves an interview, at the airfield, with the candidate and a parent or guardian. This is partly so that the Membership Secretary can meet you and ensure that you have the right sort of attitude to be a good club member, and partly so that you can meet us and see how we operate. We have a formal Club Policy regarding our dealings with young members.