Disabled Pilots

Many disabilities do not preclude flying solo. Each case must be decided on its merits, and safety is the only issue. Anyone who has sound senses and a sound upper body can fly a glider, and control rather than strength is the main requirement.

It’s impossible to fly solo if you can’t use the rudder. We have a hand-rudder adaptation for the K21, which allows the rudder to be controlled by a lever at the pilot’s left hand, instead of the rudder pedals. The K21 is a two-seater trainer that flies reasonably well cross-country, and which can also be flown solo. 

If you have a disability and wish to fly with us, please come and visit us first on a Saturday or a Sunday morning while we are flying. The Duty Instructor (instructor in charge on the day)will be able to determine whether or not it would be safe for you to fly with us, and may suggest a future date when that would be possible. You should note that all flying takes place at the discretion of the Duty Instructor and their say is final.