Tuesday 21 February 2012

Today turned out exactly as it said on the tin. Good launches to 1950′, well they were for Nick and George, everybody else was getting 15 – 1600′. A good S.W. breeze and plenty of sunshine in the morning. No showers and not too cold as long as you were out of the breeze.

Cloudbase was a bit of a problem from time to time coming down to 1200′ but it was never thick and was fairly easy to miss. We had a good turnout with about 18 members present. It was good to see Derek H. back after his 2 weeks in the sun, the break obviously did him good, see best flight in the details below.

No problems although we did find a bit of a hole in the field that needs filling. Many thanks to Allan for another good day.


Total Launches….29
Best flight………….16mins. Derek Hudson in the K18.
Average flight time…………7 mins. (without me it would have been better).
Total flight time………………3hr. 29mins.

See you soon, Steve P.