Tuesday 14th February

We were lucky with the weather again with a nice sunny  morning and good N.W. breeze as forecast. Launches were to around 15 – 1600′.  The wind slowly increased during the day to around 20+ kts on the ground and went more to the north. It went very grey by 3pm so we packed up fairly early as everyone had flown and retired to the “Snitt”.

We had around 15 members present when we started flying at 10-30 but well over 20 by lunch time so all the Doughnuts disappeared pretty quickly.

No long flights today but it was quite challenging, we had no problems and everyone had a good day.  Thanks of course to Allan as boss for the day, the winch drivers who gave us such good launches in some difficult turbulent conditions, no cable breaks or failed launches and last but not least to Barry and Phil who repaired the canopy of CCT so we could have 3 two seaters on line today, we really did need them.  Thank you all.

Well done to Jonty and Nick for the longest flight of the day, aahh you can’t beat old age and experience !!

Gruesome details……,

Launches  31
Longest Flight  12mins.
Average flight time 6 mins.
Total flight time 3hr 4 mins.

See you soon,  Steve  P.