Tuesday 9th April 2013

We were lucky with the weather today getting almost exactly what we thought. A little overcast early on with a good but not too strong N. E. breeze. We made a slightly later start than usual as Phil P. needed a hand to unload an aircraft into the workshop. This took the best part of an hour.

Cloudbase was never a problem and there were thermals to be had. To start with they were quite weak but they did improve as time went by. Pete M. had a good flight of 15min. while others came and went leaving him up there.

After a late lunch the sun came out and it was a very pleasant afternoon. Allan and I found a really good thermal after doing a couple of spins, we had a gain of height of around 800′ to nearly 2000′ which enabled us to do a lot more exercises. Everyone flew with a couple of members getting their “buy 3 get one free deal” .

Congrats to George S. for doing his first spins and spiral dives and then he did a very good hangar landing, ok George you can relax now.

It was a really good day and well worth the effort, it was a shame a few more did not come along but 10 of us had a great day.

Total Launches…………..20.

Longest Flight…………….15mins, Well done Pete.

Total flight time……………2hr-20mins.

Average Flight time………6min. But this did include several flights doing height loss exercises.

We finished flying at 17:01 precisely.

See you soon, Steve.