Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Today turned out to be a brilliant day. We were lucky that the wind did not reach the high speeds that were forecast by some of the media. However it did increase somewhat from 1pm until we finished flying at 16-30.

We had really good strong but broken thermals to a height of around 4000′. Most people managed to get away and have good flights. As we only had 2 instructors on for the morning and we were only flying 2 up we only took 2 x K13’s to the far end and because of that we set a flight time of 30mins so that everybody had a chance of a good flight. Everyone managed to stick to that except for one pair who stayed up for nearly an hour. Afraid no mention for them in the roll of honour.

We had a brilliant day and the field was in really good condition, we left no ruts, did no damage and did a 2 cable tow out all day. There are still a few puddles and soft spots but they were easy to see and avoid.

Doughnuts and Hot Cross Buns all went early on so everyone was prepared for the day ahead. Many thanks to Allan for letting us fly in interesting conditions, I have no doubt we all learned something as well as having a great day.

Thanks also to Geoff G. who spent all morning on the winch and gave us some excellent launches to 2000′ and then to John H. who did the same all afternoon.

Details are below,

Total Launches……………..14

Average Flight time…………19min.

Total Time Flown……………4hr.- 34min.

Longest Flight……..No need to put this because everyone could have stayed up longer but those who stuck to the 30min. time were Geoff C. John H. Nick J. Martin C. John Ha.

We were missing a few regulars which was a shame, mainly the K6 syndicate who were having their baby weighed at H.B. and a few others who may have been put off by the forecast.

All in all well worth the effort, we all had a good day. Even those who launched at just the wrong time enjoyed it.

See you soon, Steve P.