Tuesday 19th March 2013

We tried really hard yesterday to make the best of difficult conditions. We found a good dry place to launch from at the far end but the landing area was more difficult. Although there were some firm places it was impossible to stay on them when landing. We took 2 x K13s to the launch point but after 4 launches we could see landing and retrieving the gliders would continue to be a problem so we called it a day.

It was a shame as the cloud base was rising with the promise of sunshine later on. Fingers crossed for Thursday. We can only hope the field will have dried out sufficiently for us to operate. At least we have missed most of the rain and snow showers that were forecast. Many thanks to everyone who helped set up. It was worth giving it a go, just a shame about the field.

Apart from the field it should be flyable on tomorrow with a brisk East or S.E. wind with some sunshine. The wind will increase during the day so if the field is useable we really could do with making an early start.

See you soon, Steve P.