Flying report 11/2/16 – Thermic Thursday

Words like exactly, said and tin spring to mind today. We had a brilliant day with wall to wall sunshine, quite warm and best of all no rain.

We were a little late starting but after that it just got better and better. By early afternoon it was obviously thermic as one member soared away to unbelievable heights and only coming back when he felt guilty for monopolising a glider after 26mins. Others tried and failed miserably to emulate his expertise until John H. went up. He managed a very creditable 16 mins.

It was the best day of the year so far and we were very lucky the field had dried enough to use. If today is anything to go by the the rest of the year should be great.

It was also good the see one of our new members from Needwood Forest come along to fly, he even managed to get a flight with our esteemed Chairman. He worked very hard all day and if the others from Needwood are anywhere near as helpful then it bodes well for the future.

A great day with no problems.

Total Launches………………….30

Total Flight Time……………….3 hrs. 29 mins.

Longest Flight…………………26 mins. Second Longest….16 mins. Very well done to Dave M. and John H.

Average Flight Time………….6 min. (including some S.C.B.’s).

Steve P.

Peter C’s first cross country.

Well done to Peter C who flew his first cross-country flight on Saturday from Stratford on Avon Gliding Club at Snitterfield to Windrushers Gliding Club at Bicester!

The flight distance of 50km in Stratford’s Astir CS77 gives Peter his FAI Silver distance. The flight was flown on Saturday 26th which was say fairly tough local soaring conditions.

Peter at Bicester with Stratford's Astir

Derigging Astir at Bicester

The only other Stratford glider to task on Saturday was Mike C who flew 203km in his LS10 (18m).

Achievements 6/9/15

A truly busy day today at SoAGC!

With Andy B running the show, we had every club aircraft including G-CHXK plus a T21 in the air at the same time!

Many new visitors to Stratford were flown while some significant pilot development and goals were achieved.

Peter C and Kit B achieved their 2hr duration flights which are required for their Bronze cross-country endorsements. Peter’s endorsement is now complete and we are hoping there will be a suitable day in the remaining soaring conditions for him to complete his silver distance flight this year.

Phil C set off in Stratford’s new Astir CS77 G-FECO and made it down to Bicester for his Silver (50km) distance leg. Many thanks to the friendly folks at Windrushers GC and duty instructor AJ who let us derig ECO at the back of the their launchpoint.

Minions derigging Astir Derigging Astir at Bicester Rigging Astir CS77 G-FECO at Stratford

Flying Report 16/8/15

We had a great day of flying today despite the early spreadout.

Every aircraft was out of the hangar and flying including our new Grob Astir CS 77 G-FECO. Those who have flown it have reported that they very much enjoyed it.

Brilliant achievements were also had by Keith L who reached Silver height (1000m height gain) and his two hour duration towards Bronze X/C.

Junior pilot Jesal P achieved his two hour duration flight with a brilliant bit a scratching in weak lift under heavy spread-out, needing to stay aloft until after 6pm.

Jesal P soaring towards his 2hr goal under heavy Spreadout.

Jesal P soaring towards his 2hr goal under heavy Spreadout.

Flying report Good Friday 2014

An interesting day today with thin cumulus capping thermals at 4,500ft.

The NE wind made a relatively simple decision to set up down at the western end of the field. Much thanks go to those who walked the club aircraft down there. Winch launch heights were around a respectable 1,400 feet given the shorter cable run. Most pilots had little difficulty finding their first thermal and climbing away except for one Standard Cirrus pilot who set the record for the shortest flight of the day. Thankfully he climbed away after a relight.

There were a number of private aircraft flown such as a Duo Discus, a couple of ASW24s, a Sport Vega, and a Cirrus. There was also a Discus B present but we’re not entirely sure who’s it is.

At one point we had an entirely empty launchpoint having launched all of the club fleet on training and solo details and all of the privateers.

Mike C completed a 300km+ task in his LS8, Barry K & David B completed a 300km+ task in their Duo Discus and Sharon K went round a 200km+ task in her ASW24.

Surely there will be no argument this year over who get’s the “first 300k of the year” trophy.

In terms of club-ship flying a K18 was flow around a 43km “local” task and several high and/or long K13 flights were made.

A great start to the Easter Bank-Holiday Weekend.

Flying Report 15/4/14

The best day of the year by far today. Warm sunshine, a good easterly giving excellent launches, thermals from the first flight until the last (at 6pm ! ) going all the way to 5000′. A stonking day.

There were loads of really good flights and I am sure they could all have been longer but as there were a lot of people on the flying list everyone came down after a reasonable time so others could have a go. A few notable flights were…..

50mins. By John H. He has been away for over 5 months and did really well, flying like it was only last week he last flew.
24 mins by Ben S. right at the end of the day, a good solo flight and a brilliant hangar landing to finish it off.
27mins. by John G. in the K21. First flight of the day in very weak lift in a glider he has only flown a couple of times before.
60mins. by Phil Pa. and Nick J. in the T21.

Statistics are…..

Total Launches……………..36.

Longest Flight……………….1hr. 6mins. Well done to Phil Pi. and Chris B. closely followed by Tony M. at 1hr. 2min. (see above).

Total flight time……………..15hr. 7mins.

Average Flight Time………..25mins. !!!

A really good day with Hot Cross Buns for a change as it is Easter, thanks to Pete M. for toasting that lot and putting the butter on. Best day of the week and certainly the best day of the year so far. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and stay to the end and do all the jobs needed to keep us flying.

And finally can someone sell Alan D. a sun hat next time he comes to fly, looks like you could fry eggs on his head. Yes the sun is very strong at this time of year.

Steve P.

Flying Report 13/4/14

It turned out rather well today. It was a cold start in the westerly breeze but flat-ish looking cumulus clouds formed into orderly rows and wave was encountered early on. One ASW24 pilot climbed to over 5,000 feet in wave while those who were encountering thermal lift were considerably lower.

Some cross-country flying was attempted with mixed results. Wave influence on the otherwise often abundant thermals made tasks tricky. At least one cross-country pilot had to fire the turbo to get home.

We also entertained many visitors today. Some just enjoying the sunshine and the airfield spectacle and others partaking in trial gliding lessons with us. Visitors came from across the region as well as the nearby village of Wilmcote.
130114Towards the end of the day, we heard one pilot flying from Aston Down on the radio informing his home field that he would be a “little late” home as he was at 10,000ft in wave overhead the Black Mountains.

Putting a K21 Away.With over 40 launches and 24hours logged flying time, we were packing the hangar and de-rigging private aircraft late into the day.

Flying Report 9/4/14

It was a shame we had to change days at short notice but it really was well worth it. We had a really good day with strong thermals for most of the day, the field had dried out very well after Monday’s heavy rain apart from a few soft spots. George and I managed to find one of them on the retrieve from the far end after a S.C.B.

There were plenty of excellent flights almost from the first launch and it only went flat after 3-30pm. It was warm and sunny as well, the only downside was a cloudbase of about 3000′ for most of the day. We had a good turnout with 18 names on the flying list before the briefing. We had 5 gliders out and they were all kept busy for most of the day.

The grass is starting to grow as well, a good sign things are warming up.

Total Launches…………….32.

Total Flight Time…………..10hrs. 05mins.

Longest Flight……………… 1hr. 07min. Well done to Pete M. and Phil Pa. Allan and Howard also managed 1hr 05min and Tony M. did his usual hour. There were lots of other flights of half an hour or so.

Average Flight Time………..18min. Excellent as we did several cable breaks as well.

A really good day and everyone had a good time with good flights, the Swallows are back so it’s wing bag time gain. Spring is really here.

Steve P.

P.S. Apologies to Bob and Sharon for the change of day (the weather has no respect) and to Phil C. who missed Mondays email.

Late Summer Bank Holiday

We will be open for flying on Bank Holiday Monday.

Subject to the weather, visitors will be welcome to come along and experience flying in a glider from just £40.

Call 01789 731 095 on the day to check the weather and availability.

Monday 12 August – Friday 16 August 2013

We will be open everyday this coming week. Allan will be on duty every day and the forecast is looking ok.

We should have gentle to medium westerly winds everyday and mostly dry. There is a chance of showers on Monday but they should be light and we may be lucky and not get any.

It should be thermic most days but probably not fantastic (Sorry Derek and John). But it will be warm, dry, flyable and good company.

As always no food Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday but tea and coffee on as usual. The forecast says there is strong chance of Doughnuts just North of Stratford tomorrow morning between 9 and 10am.

We do have a course on all week but Allan will be available to fly with everyone else as well, he does need more practice as he still seems to struggle with this straight and level bit, so come along and give him some help.

See you there, Steve P.