Monday 12 August – Friday 16 August 2013

We will be open everyday this coming week. Allan will be on duty every day and the forecast is looking ok.

We should have gentle to medium westerly winds everyday and mostly dry. There is a chance of showers on Monday but they should be light and we may be lucky and not get any.

It should be thermic most days but probably not fantastic (Sorry Derek and John). But it will be warm, dry, flyable and good company.

As always no food Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday but tea and coffee on as usual. The forecast says there is strong chance of Doughnuts just North of Stratford tomorrow morning between 9 and 10am.

We do have a course on all week but Allan will be available to fly with everyone else as well, he does need more practice as he still seems to struggle with this straight and level bit, so come along and give him some help.

See you there, Steve P.