Flying Report 15/4/14

The best day of the year by far today. Warm sunshine, a good easterly giving excellent launches, thermals from the first flight until the last (at 6pm ! ) going all the way to 5000′. A stonking day.

There were loads of really good flights and I am sure they could all have been longer but as there were a lot of people on the flying list everyone came down after a reasonable time so others could have a go. A few notable flights were…..

50mins. By John H. He has been away for over 5 months and did really well, flying like it was only last week he last flew.
24 mins by Ben S. right at the end of the day, a good solo flight and a brilliant hangar landing to finish it off.
27mins. by John G. in the K21. First flight of the day in very weak lift in a glider he has only flown a couple of times before.
60mins. by Phil Pa. and Nick J. in the T21.

Statistics are…..

Total Launches……………..36.

Longest Flight……………….1hr. 6mins. Well done to Phil Pi. and Chris B. closely followed by Tony M. at 1hr. 2min. (see above).

Total flight time……………..15hr. 7mins.

Average Flight Time………..25mins. !!!

A really good day with Hot Cross Buns for a change as it is Easter, thanks to Pete M. for toasting that lot and putting the butter on. Best day of the week and certainly the best day of the year so far. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and stay to the end and do all the jobs needed to keep us flying.

And finally can someone sell Alan D. a sun hat next time he comes to fly, looks like you could fry eggs on his head. Yes the sun is very strong at this time of year.

Steve P.