Thermal Thursday 6/2/20

We were really lucky with the weather today.

When we arrived there was fog on the ground and we could not see the other side of the field, however it very quickly disappeared and left us with virtually wall to wall sunshine.

Our current ‘home’ on the southern stub.

With a light southerly wind we were only getting about 1100 or 1200 ft on the launches but it got better and better as the day went on until around 1.30pm it became thermic and there were 3 really good flights of up to 44 mins. It was certainly the best day of the year so far with 39 launches. Everyone flew who wanted to and several members flew 3 times.A brilliant day and many thanks to Andy who was duty instructor..Statistics below……………

  • Total Launches…………39
  • Longest Flight………….44 mins. Very well done to Dave J. in the Junior.

Other notable flights were 19mins in the K21 by Barry M. and 18 mins by Andy B. in the K13. Average Flight Time…7 mins but that did included several S.C.B’s 

Total Flight Time………4 hrs 53mins. 

Steve P. 

Flying Report 15/4/14

The best day of the year by far today. Warm sunshine, a good easterly giving excellent launches, thermals from the first flight until the last (at 6pm ! ) going all the way to 5000′. A stonking day.

There were loads of really good flights and I am sure they could all have been longer but as there were a lot of people on the flying list everyone came down after a reasonable time so others could have a go. A few notable flights were…..

50mins. By John H. He has been away for over 5 months and did really well, flying like it was only last week he last flew.
24 mins by Ben S. right at the end of the day, a good solo flight and a brilliant hangar landing to finish it off.
27mins. by John G. in the K21. First flight of the day in very weak lift in a glider he has only flown a couple of times before.
60mins. by Phil Pa. and Nick J. in the T21.

Statistics are…..

Total Launches……………..36.

Longest Flight……………….1hr. 6mins. Well done to Phil Pi. and Chris B. closely followed by Tony M. at 1hr. 2min. (see above).

Total flight time……………..15hr. 7mins.

Average Flight Time………..25mins. !!!

A really good day with Hot Cross Buns for a change as it is Easter, thanks to Pete M. for toasting that lot and putting the butter on. Best day of the week and certainly the best day of the year so far. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and stay to the end and do all the jobs needed to keep us flying.

And finally can someone sell Alan D. a sun hat next time he comes to fly, looks like you could fry eggs on his head. Yes the sun is very strong at this time of year.

Steve P.

Flying Report 9/4/14

It was a shame we had to change days at short notice but it really was well worth it. We had a really good day with strong thermals for most of the day, the field had dried out very well after Monday’s heavy rain apart from a few soft spots. George and I managed to find one of them on the retrieve from the far end after a S.C.B.

There were plenty of excellent flights almost from the first launch and it only went flat after 3-30pm. It was warm and sunny as well, the only downside was a cloudbase of about 3000′ for most of the day. We had a good turnout with 18 names on the flying list before the briefing. We had 5 gliders out and they were all kept busy for most of the day.

The grass is starting to grow as well, a good sign things are warming up.

Total Launches…………….32.

Total Flight Time…………..10hrs. 05mins.

Longest Flight……………… 1hr. 07min. Well done to Pete M. and Phil Pa. Allan and Howard also managed 1hr 05min and Tony M. did his usual hour. There were lots of other flights of half an hour or so.

Average Flight Time………..18min. Excellent as we did several cable breaks as well.

A really good day and everyone had a good time with good flights, the Swallows are back so it’s wing bag time gain. Spring is really here.

Steve P.

P.S. Apologies to Bob and Sharon for the change of day (the weather has no respect) and to Phil C. who missed Mondays email.

Tuesday 15th January 2013

A brilliant day today for several reasons. First off it’s congratulations to Allan on another year under his belt; it’s his Birthday today – must make a note in my diary so we can get him a cake next year. The cake will not be a problem but not sure if we can afford the candles.

We all had a good day with wall to wall sunshine and the wind stayed west of north all morning giving us some good launches to about 1400`. We stopped for lunch at 1315 and when we got going again a line of large dark clouds drifted in from the N.E. There was lift underneath them with Geoff G. and Neil the first to find it. There was a rush to get the other two gliders in the air, first to go was Paul R. in the K6 closely followed by Harry and Allan in K-13 HSM

They all got away and had 3 really good flights, by the time they all landed the sun was going down so we had one more short flight and put the toys to bed at about 1545.

So the details are……………….

Total Launches………….23.

Longest Flight…………..37min. well done to Geoff G. and Neil. They also got from launch height (1200′) to cloudbase at 2000′.

Second Longest Flights……23min. Well done to Paul and Harry and Allan, they only managed to get to 1800′

Total Time Flown…………….3hr. 25min.

Average flight time…………..8min.

A great day, especially as Thursday is looking doubtful. Many thanks to those who turned up early to help set up.

See you soon, Steve P.

Monday 19th March 2012 – Glorious Monday

What a change from last week and even yesterday today was. We got exactly what it said on the tin. A good westerly breeze from early on that got a little stronger as the day went on. It was thermic from 10-30am and by 12-30 several people were having flights to well over 4000′. It was a shame that it was such short notice as several regular members were absent so we did not have a large turnout however most of those who did turn up had a brilliant day with some memorable flights, there were about 15 members on the flying list and 6 of those flew their own ships.

Details as follows:

24 launches
Best flight was 3hrs. 9min by Phil Pickett in his beautiful ASW24.
Average flight time, sorry forgot to look but it would have been good.
Lots of long flights , Nick J. 1hr. 55min in the Dart (eat yer heart out Bob), Phil Pain 1hr 31min in the Vega, Humphrey 1hr. 19min and Pete Merrit 1hr. 05min in their K6, and last but not least Jonty with an hour in the K18. Lots of other members had good flights with Allan to heights they had probably not been to before.

See you soon, Steve P.