Tuesday 15th January 2013

A brilliant day today for several reasons. First off it’s congratulations to Allan on another year under his belt; it’s his Birthday today – must make a note in my diary so we can get him a cake next year. The cake will not be a problem but not sure if we can afford the candles.

We all had a good day with wall to wall sunshine and the wind stayed west of north all morning giving us some good launches to about 1400`. We stopped for lunch at 1315 and when we got going again a line of large dark clouds drifted in from the N.E. There was lift underneath them with Geoff G. and Neil the first to find it. There was a rush to get the other two gliders in the air, first to go was Paul R. in the K6 closely followed by Harry and Allan in K-13 HSM

They all got away and had 3 really good flights, by the time they all landed the sun was going down so we had one more short flight and put the toys to bed at about 1545.

So the details are……………….

Total Launches………….23.

Longest Flight…………..37min. well done to Geoff G. and Neil. They also got from launch height (1200′) to cloudbase at 2000′.

Second Longest Flights……23min. Well done to Paul and Harry and Allan, they only managed to get to 1800′

Total Time Flown…………….3hr. 25min.

Average flight time…………..8min.

A great day, especially as Thursday is looking doubtful. Many thanks to those who turned up early to help set up.

See you soon, Steve P.