Saturday 2nd February 2013

The field was still rather marsh-like today and the only viable option due to the (strong) North-Westerly wind was to takeoff from the SE hard runway edge and land along ’34 hard’ in the wheeled aircraft and within a few feet of it on the grass in aircraft with skids.

Still, plenty of eager pilots turned out. A full contingent from University of Warwick Gliding Club attended. We had some trouble with ground vehicles but nothing that couldn’t be cured with a large blunt instrument or tow-starting.

It looked initially like training would be the order of the day but in the early afternoon some cumulus began to form in cloud-streets running on a roughly NNW line. The three K13s which we had out began to soar for increasingly long durations.

Ultimately there were two flights over an hour in duration and while no serious cross-country flying was attempted, one aircraft climbed to just a sniff over 4,000ft and perhaps a couple of hundred feet short of cloud base.

In total 35 launches were flown and every who wanted or needed to fly did so. What a lovely day for February!