Monday 4th February 2013

It was very short notice for today so it was not surprising that we only had 10 members on the flying list. We nearly cancelled it at 6-45am this morning when it was blowing 34kts at Wellesbourne but it seemed to settle down soon after that to a more manageable 22 – 25kts.

We all flew and had a really good morning with plenty of sunshine and a stiff 25kt westerly. No problems and everyone managed really well. We all had excellent launches as expected to 1950 – 2000′. Many thanks to Humph and Geoff, they did a brilliant job in difficult conditions.

Allan worked hard as always and we kept him well fed with Doughnuts (I x Jam 1 x Custard 1 x Chocolate) purely to keep his energy levels up.

We even managed to coax Phil out of the workshop for a flight. He may not have been current but he has not lost the touch. (he is current now !)

The wind seemed to increase a little at 1pm so we stopped for lunch when it was gusting to 35kts. so a mutual decision was made to put the toys away. Of course as soon as we had finished that the wind dropped back to 20 – 25kts. But we had all flown and had a very interesting morning. Really good fun and I think we all learned something.

Details are………………

Total launches………………9

Longest Flights…………….20min. well done to John H. and Allan…… not so closely followed by Phil Pa. and me and Humph and Pete.

Average flight time………..9min.

Total Flight Time……………1hr. – 33min.

Average approach speed…..68kts.

Fingers crossed for Thursday, looking good but maybe a bit colder.

See you soon, Steve.