Flying Report 9/4/14

It was a shame we had to change days at short notice but it really was well worth it. We had a really good day with strong thermals for most of the day, the field had dried out very well after Monday’s heavy rain apart from a few soft spots. George and I managed to find one of them on the retrieve from the far end after a S.C.B.

There were plenty of excellent flights almost from the first launch and it only went flat after 3-30pm. It was warm and sunny as well, the only downside was a cloudbase of about 3000′ for most of the day. We had a good turnout with 18 names on the flying list before the briefing. We had 5 gliders out and they were all kept busy for most of the day.

The grass is starting to grow as well, a good sign things are warming up.

Total Launches…………….32.

Total Flight Time…………..10hrs. 05mins.

Longest Flight……………… 1hr. 07min. Well done to Pete M. and Phil Pa. Allan and Howard also managed 1hr 05min and Tony M. did his usual hour. There were lots of other flights of half an hour or so.

Average Flight Time………..18min. Excellent as we did several cable breaks as well.

A really good day and everyone had a good time with good flights, the Swallows are back so it’s wing bag time gain. Spring is really here.

Steve P.

P.S. Apologies to Bob and Sharon for the change of day (the weather has no respect) and to Phil C. who missed Mondays email.