Flying report 29/2/16

Apologies to all those who had made other arrangements for today and could not make it down to the club, but in view of the forecast it seemed the sensible thing to do.

We had another good day although we did not get the thermal strength we had last Wednesday but I think that was exceptional. It was cold first thing and did not seem to get much better as the day went on even though the wind was in the South. We did have sunshine all morning and for some time after lunch but it then clouded over making it seem even colder.

We were a little light on members first thing because it was such short notice but eventually about 15 members turned up. There were some extended flights and we all had a great time and everyone flew who wanted to. Allan was kept busy all day (as usual) and we had no problems. We were able to operate from outside the clubhouse and use 2 cables all day.


Lets hope that the rain that is coming in will not spoil the field which is (or was) drying so well. Thanks to everyone who turned up and worked so hard to give us another good day.

Well winter is now officially over so roll on some nice, warm, sunny and thermic days !!!

Statistics are…………………….

Total Launches…………………19.

Longest Flight…………………..18 mins. Well done to Bob C. and Allan and also to John H. and Derek H. who both managed an impressive 13 min. each.

Total Flight Time……………….2 hrs. 36 mins.

Average Flight Time………….8 min.

Steve P.

Flying Report 24/2/16

We had the best flying day of the year so far with some excellent flights. The thermals were numerous and averaged around 2 knots but certainly for a couple of hours at lunch time we had 3 – 4 knots for extended periods.
Cloudbase  varied between 2500′ and 3500′ so it was possible to look down on the lower clouds if you were at 3500′. The only downside to being at 3500′  was it was very cold after a few minutes. It was possible to fly under the cloud for some time without losing height. The sun shone from early morning until we finished at around 4pm. The canopies were just starting to mist up by then but we had all had our fill anyway.
There were 3 flights of an hour or more and if you were up when it was good it was an air-brake job to get back on the ground, it really was that good!
There were lots of flights of 30 to 40 minutes as well.  We all had a great day with many thanks to Tony and Andy who made sure we got off to an early start and worked really hard keeping everyone flying right through the day.
Apologies to Cath, John x 3, James, Ken and David who all decided that the South of France or work were better than flying today! Sorry!
Total Launches………………….24.
Longest Flight…………………..1 hr. 8 mins. followed by  1 hr. 4 mins. and 1 hr 

. But really academic as we all came back to give others a go, honest gov.

Total Flight Time……………… 7 hrs. 59 min.
Average Flight Time………….19 mins.  Brilliant as that included some S.C.B.’s.
Steve P.

The cross-country ladder was also opened for 2016 with a pilot going round the very nearest turnpoints which have been unreachable from Snitterfield for months due to the bad weather – Ed.


Flying report 16/2/16

We were very lucky again today with the weather and the state of the field. We had sunshine for most of the day with a fresh Southerly wind blowing up to 25 mph. Because the field had dried so well over the last few days we were able to operate from right outside the clubhouse without any problems. We were even able to bring the cable straight back to the launch-point later in the day instead of the convoluted dog-leg we did in the morning.

We did have a delay of half an hour in the morning when a helicopter was hovering over the south side of the field moving slowly from east to west and then back again. It turned out to be inspecting the power lines but we did lose 3 or 4 launches.

In the fresh breeze it was very cold which only got worse when the cloud obscured the sun later in the afternoon but we did have a really good day and everyone flew. The new launch point trailer was very popular, maybe it was the “Greenhouse Effect”?

Many thanks to Tony P. whose help was invaluable in getting so many launches done and to everyone who helped to get the day off to an early start.

Great day, great weather (for Feb) but please roll on some WARM sunny days.

Flight Statistics:

  • Total Launches……………..28
  • Total Flight Time……………3 hrs 39mins.
  • Longest Flight………………20min. Well done to Phil P. in the T21!!!!!!!!!!
  • Second Longest……………11min. Well done to Andy S. and Tony P.
  • Third Longest……………….10min. Well done to John H.
  • Everyone else………………Single figures, must do better !

Steve P.

Photos by Peter C.

Flying report 11/2/16 – Thermic Thursday

Words like exactly, said and tin spring to mind today. We had a brilliant day with wall to wall sunshine, quite warm and best of all no rain.

We were a little late starting but after that it just got better and better. By early afternoon it was obviously thermic as one member soared away to unbelievable heights and only coming back when he felt guilty for monopolising a glider after 26mins. Others tried and failed miserably to emulate his expertise until John H. went up. He managed a very creditable 16 mins.

It was the best day of the year so far and we were very lucky the field had dried enough to use. If today is anything to go by the the rest of the year should be great.

It was also good the see one of our new members from Needwood Forest come along to fly, he even managed to get a flight with our esteemed Chairman. He worked very hard all day and if the others from Needwood are anywhere near as helpful then it bodes well for the future.

A great day with no problems.

Total Launches………………….30

Total Flight Time……………….3 hrs. 29 mins.

Longest Flight…………………26 mins. Second Longest….16 mins. Very well done to Dave M. and John H.

Average Flight Time………….6 min. (including some S.C.B.’s).

Steve P.

Flying Report 8/12/15

We had a great day today with almost wall to wall sunshine and a brisk S.S.W. breeze giving us some good but not brilliant launches. It was a difficult day for our winch drivers. The wind on the ground was around 15 – 24 kts but at height it was more like 35 kts.

A little overnight rain and a heavy shower at 6-45am made me think that the field would be wet but I think Stratford missed it as the field was excellent with no standing water and very firm.

We started to fly at about 10-15am and flew until 12-15 when we could see a substantial shower to the S.W. We stopped for an early lunch while the rain did it’s worst. It stopped by 1pm and we re-started flying. A light shower came at 3.15pm, just right for a cup of tea as it was by now getting a bit colder.winter_evening_snitterfield_gliding

We flew right up to sunset and everyone had a great day with no problems. Well worth the effort and probably the best day of the week for us.

Statistics as follows……………………

Total Launches………………..21……… Not bad as we only had 2 x K13’s out.

Longest Flight…………………. 9 min…..Well done to George S.

Total Flight Time………………2 hr. 9 min.

Average Flight Time…………6 min. Would have been more but we had quite a few early releases because of the blustery breeze.

Average Launch Height…….1500′ But a couple a bit higher and several a lot lower.

Steve P.

Flying Report 25/11/15

We were lucky on Wednesday and managed to fly for most of the day. Some early rain and a very grey sky at 8am was a bit worrying but it soon stopped and we were able to get all the equipment out, however more rain at 9-30am stopped us making an early start. It had stopped by 10.15 and we started to fly. Apart from a couple of very light drops of rain during the morning we did not stop until lunchtime.

The weather was much better in the afternoon and we also had a reasonable amount of sun. The wind was a brisk 20 kts in the morning but from W.N.W. so it was not a problem. It eased a little in the afternoon. The visibility was excellent and the cloudbase was high.

We were getting good launches to a maximum of 1650′ but the flights tended to be fairly short. Many thanks to Allan W. who came to help out, we certainly made very good use of his time. We only used the 2 x K13’s all day and everyone flew. A couple of members who were out of currency are now current again and everyone had a good day. All the Doughnuts went early on.

The details are a little academic, the important thing is everyone went home happy and had a good day.

Total Launches…………….18

Total Flight Time………….1hr 56min.

Longest Flights……………8min.

Steve P.

Flying report 30/3/15

We made the right choice to fly on Monday and it was a good day with some excellent thermals. Unfortunately we were late starting for various reasons and the first launch was not until 11-11am.

We then had a problem with the winch which further delayed launching. After that the launches were to around 1650′ and we had some good flights. Most people managed to do well although a couple of the early flights were shorter. We had climbs to around 2500′ with good lift, the sun shone for most of the day until the well forecast front moved in around 2pm.

It was a shame we decided to fly at short notice as about half of our regulars were unable to make it. So we only had 12 members on the flying list but all managed to fly. The front put paid to a nice day and so we finished flying at 14-40pm. We had the first spots of rain half an hour later.

A nice day and well worth the effort, best average flight time this year and “we few” all had a good day.

Total Launches……………….14

Best Flight………………….46min. We had a limit of 45 so everyone could enjoy but also well done to Jesal with 41, John H. with 25 and Roger, Chris and David all with close to 20min.

Total Flight Time…………….4hr. 12min.

Average Flight Time…………..17min.

Steve P.

Flying Report 25/3/15

Wednesday was a good day for us with plenty of long flights. Although we did not get quite the sunshine we were expecting it was still a nice day with no rain. The wind stayed light and was generally from a westerly direction. The T21 came out but what was really nice to see was the K6 of Humph and David out for the first time this year. David and Humph both had good long flights and are well on their way to equalling last years total flight time in the K6.

It was a very busy day and we kept all the club gliders busy, we started flying at 10-30am and finished at 16.30pm by which time it was getting very cold !

Geoff G. and Allan W. had a great flight in the T21 of 40mins and we could only look up at them much much higher than us and wished we could be there with them. Bet it was really cold up there though.

Best flights were by Humph and David in the K6 of 55 and 52 min. respectively and best flight in a club glider was by George S. who had a brilliant 36 mins. in a K13.

Total Launches……………….32.

Total Flight Time…………….7 hr. 29 min.

Longest Flight……………….55min.
Average Flight Time…………..14 mins.

Good Flying, Good Company, Good Day.

Steve P.

Flying Report 18/3/15

Wednesday eventually turned out to be a good day for the time of year after a slow start because of fog and then poor visibility. We set up at the West end because of a N.E. breeze and so we were not ready to fly until around 10.30am but even then it looked like poor visibility and so we did not do the first launch until 11.45am.

Although it looked reasonable from the ground once in the air the visibility was still poor and so we stopped flying to take an early lunch in the hope it would improve over the next hour or so. We tried again at 13.15pm and things had improved considerably and so we continued.

By 13.40pm it was thermic and David C. was the first to spot them with a very good 37mins. in the K18. The thermals were weak but usable with climbs to around 2500′ and continued until about 16.30pm. when Ann P. with Pete F. managed 32min also climbing to 2500′.

It was really good to have Peter F. on site to help out for the day and we kept him very busy. It would have been difficult to get everyone flown without his help, as it was everyone flew and overall we had good day with plenty of sunshine and a gentle N.N.E. breeze giving us launches to around 1400′.

Considering how late we started we did a good number of launches and there were 6 long flights with everyone coming back to give others a chance to try their luck (or skill !). Our last launch was at 17.32pm, we certainly made the best of the day.

As always thanks to everyone who helped to make it a good day and apologies to those who had to wait until late in the afternoon to get a flight.

Total Launches………………23.

Total Flight Time……………5hr. 4min.

Longest Flights……………..38min. well done to John H. and Tony M. also well done to Dave C., Ann P., Steve C.and Phil P.with flights of 37, 32, 24, 23mins.

Average Flight Time………….14min.

Steve P.

Flying Report 10/3/15

Tuesday was a great day for us with wall to wall sunshine and a gentle North Westerly that stayed in the West for most of the day, only going around to the North East late in the afternoon.

We started to fly at 10:20 and finished at 17:37 with all 5 (+T21) aircraft in the air for most of the day. The thermals started just before 11am (well done to Alan B. for showing everyone else they had started and where they were). From then on it was really a case of landing just so everyone else could enjoy the conditions. There were 3 instructors on site and they were all kept very busy all day.

We had usable thermals until 16:40 although at times they were not as strong as earlier and as the sky went blue they were difficult to find.

To many good flights to mention them all but well done to Ken M. with 57min. in the K18, Tony M. with 54min. in the Junior and Humph with 53min. also in the K18. One pilot also went around a mini-task in the Junior – ed. Thanks to all the others who also cut their flights short so others could have a go. I think that in the end just about everyone had good long flights and we certainly all had a great day.

Total Launches…………………45.

Longest Flight……………………57min.

Total Flight Time……………….11 hrs. 35 min.

Average Flight Time………….15 min. First time this year it is in double figures and includes several S.C.B’s.

So without a doubt the best day of the year so far.

Steve P.