Flying report 30/3/15

We made the right choice to fly on Monday and it was a good day with some excellent thermals. Unfortunately we were late starting for various reasons and the first launch was not until 11-11am.

We then had a problem with the winch which further delayed launching. After that the launches were to around 1650′ and we had some good flights. Most people managed to do well although a couple of the early flights were shorter. We had climbs to around 2500′ with good lift, the sun shone for most of the day until the well forecast front moved in around 2pm.

It was a shame we decided to fly at short notice as about half of our regulars were unable to make it. So we only had 12 members on the flying list but all managed to fly. The front put paid to a nice day and so we finished flying at 14-40pm. We had the first spots of rain half an hour later.

A nice day and well worth the effort, best average flight time this year and “we few” all had a good day.

Total Launches……………….14

Best Flight………………….46min. We had a limit of 45 so everyone could enjoy but also well done to Jesal with 41, John H. with 25 and Roger, Chris and David all with close to 20min.

Total Flight Time…………….4hr. 12min.

Average Flight Time…………..17min.

Steve P.