The club’s LS4

Today saw the first day of operating the club’s LS4, 9 pilots flew the glider and it did 11 launches and flew for 209 minutes.

Everyone that flew the LS4 was delighted with the flying characteristics along with the gliders performance and I can see it will become a popular glider.

The minimum requirement’s needed to fly the LS4 are as follows.

Bronze C with a Cross County Endorsement along with 30 hours solo.
Bronze C pilots without the Cross Country Endorsement will be limited to no more than 5 nm from the site and must carry a FR300 flight logger.
A minimum of 15 launches in the Junior, experience on other single seater glass types will count and a conversion flight in the K21 may be required.
At the moment instructors that are authorised to brief pilots for there first flight in the LS4 are the CFI, DCFI, Barry K , Mike C and Andy B.LS4 EMG Launch 1

LS4 EMG Launch 2


Regards Steve