Flying Report 10/3/15

Tuesday was a great day for us with wall to wall sunshine and a gentle North Westerly that stayed in the West for most of the day, only going around to the North East late in the afternoon.

We started to fly at 10:20 and finished at 17:37 with all 5 (+T21) aircraft in the air for most of the day. The thermals started just before 11am (well done to Alan B. for showing everyone else they had started and where they were). From then on it was really a case of landing just so everyone else could enjoy the conditions. There were 3 instructors on site and they were all kept very busy all day.

We had usable thermals until 16:40 although at times they were not as strong as earlier and as the sky went blue they were difficult to find.

To many good flights to mention them all but well done to Ken M. with 57min. in the K18, Tony M. with 54min. in the Junior and Humph with 53min. also in the K18. One pilot also went around a mini-task in the Junior – ed. Thanks to all the others who also cut their flights short so others could have a go. I think that in the end just about everyone had good long flights and we certainly all had a great day.

Total Launches…………………45.

Longest Flight……………………57min.

Total Flight Time……………….11 hrs. 35 min.

Average Flight Time………….15 min. First time this year it is in double figures and includes several S.C.B’s.

So without a doubt the best day of the year so far.

Steve P.