Flying Report 18/3/15

Wednesday eventually turned out to be a good day for the time of year after a slow start because of fog and then poor visibility. We set up at the West end because of a N.E. breeze and so we were not ready to fly until around 10.30am but even then it looked like poor visibility and so we did not do the first launch until 11.45am.

Although it looked reasonable from the ground once in the air the visibility was still poor and so we stopped flying to take an early lunch in the hope it would improve over the next hour or so. We tried again at 13.15pm and things had improved considerably and so we continued.

By 13.40pm it was thermic and David C. was the first to spot them with a very good 37mins. in the K18. The thermals were weak but usable with climbs to around 2500′ and continued until about 16.30pm. when Ann P. with Pete F. managed 32min also climbing to 2500′.

It was really good to have Peter F. on site to help out for the day and we kept him very busy. It would have been difficult to get everyone flown without his help, as it was everyone flew and overall we had good day with plenty of sunshine and a gentle N.N.E. breeze giving us launches to around 1400′.

Considering how late we started we did a good number of launches and there were 6 long flights with everyone coming back to give others a chance to try their luck (or skill !). Our last launch was at 17.32pm, we certainly made the best of the day.

As always thanks to everyone who helped to make it a good day and apologies to those who had to wait until late in the afternoon to get a flight.

Total Launches………………23.

Total Flight Time……………5hr. 4min.

Longest Flights……………..38min. well done to John H. and Tony M. also well done to Dave C., Ann P., Steve C.and Phil P.with flights of 37, 32, 24, 23mins.

Average Flight Time………….14min.

Steve P.