Flying Report 25/11/15

We were lucky on Wednesday and managed to fly for most of the day. Some early rain and a very grey sky at 8am was a bit worrying but it soon stopped and we were able to get all the equipment out, however more rain at 9-30am stopped us making an early start. It had stopped by 10.15 and we started to fly. Apart from a couple of very light drops of rain during the morning we did not stop until lunchtime.

The weather was much better in the afternoon and we also had a reasonable amount of sun. The wind was a brisk 20 kts in the morning but from W.N.W. so it was not a problem. It eased a little in the afternoon. The visibility was excellent and the cloudbase was high.

We were getting good launches to a maximum of 1650′ but the flights tended to be fairly short. Many thanks to Allan W. who came to help out, we certainly made very good use of his time. We only used the 2 x K13’s all day and everyone flew. A couple of members who were out of currency are now current again and everyone had a good day. All the Doughnuts went early on.

The details are a little academic, the important thing is everyone went home happy and had a good day.

Total Launches…………….18

Total Flight Time………….1hr 56min.

Longest Flights……………8min.

Steve P.