Tuesday 18th December 2012

Today we finally managed a Doughnut Day. It all went very well. We were lucky not getting any mist or fog this morning and we were able to get set up on the South East stub runway nice and early. We had a good turnout of about 20 members.

Apart from some early morning misting of the canopies which soon disappeared we had no problems. Visibility was not great but we did get some sunshine and with the gentle N.W. wind it was not too cold. Everyone flew as much as they wanted and we finally put it all to bed at around 3.45pm.

As the flights were fairly short because launch height was not very high due to a very gentle crosswind we made life a bit more exiting by doing some of the circuits to the right. Very interesting and good practice for those more used to our “normal” circuits. So the details are as follows,……………………

  • Total Launches…………..30
  • Successful Landings……30 (this is for the C.F.I.’s peace of mind).
  • Total Flight Time………….2hr. 54min.
  • Longest Flight(s)…………8min. Well done to Dereck H., John H., and Phil Pa.
  • Average Flight Time……..5min.

All in all a good day, all the doughnuts and mince pies went and it was really good to get a days flying in especially in view of the forecast for the rest of the week. Many thanks to all those who turned up early to get set up, it really helped to give us a good day. Oh and last but not least, Thanks to Pete the Meat for the lovely chockies, a big tin and we struggled to finish them all by the end of the day but we did manage, thanks Pete.

See you soon, Steve P.

Tuesday 4th December 2012

The sun certainly shines on the righteous. We had almost unbroken sunshine all day today. We were very lucky with the showers and the wind. We stayed dry all day with the showers passing to the north of us. The wind did not get as high as forecast and peaked around 1pm at about 20kts.

We managed to retrieve the cable by a devious route which worked well but it did cost us a couple of broken shock ropes, not a problem as they can be re-spliced, it just cost us a couple of launches while the rope was changed.

So all in all a really good day, everyone flew who wanted to although some did want to have more launches but with the short day, misting canopies and shock rope problems we finally called it a day at about 3-45pm. Now we know the problems we may have on similar days we will be much better prepared.

Many thanks to Allan again who as always worked really hard all day and especially to those who did retrieve on the Land Rover, after an hour you really had had enough.

So to the details,…….

Total Launches……….26

Total Flight Time……….3hr. 37min.

Longest Flight(s)……..12min. Well done to David (we need more blue strops) S, Pete the Meat, Phil P and Tony M.

Average Flight Time….8min.

30 Doughnuts gone in a flash, everybody happy(ish) (sorry George, 3rd time lucky, promise). Well worth the effort.

Steve P.

One of the last K13 launches of the day.

Tuesday 13th November 2012

Today went very well after we had worked out how to get the cable back without doing damage to the field. We were also very careful in marking out a good solid part of the field to land on. It all went well and was a good exercise for people to land accurately from the slightly unusual approach on 24.

All 30 Doughnuts went by lunch time and we were lucky it stayed dry all day. It really was quite warm and we had our fair share of sun. It was good to see our new K6 on line and it was very well used all day. It is proving to be very popular.

Doughnut Details are….

  • Total Launches……………27
  • Longest Flight…………….13mins by Geof G, also worth a mention was 12mins by David S and 12mins by Bob Horsnell and Harry in a K13..
  • Total Flight Time………….3hr..35min.
  • Average Flight Time…….7min.

Backup Winch Doris worked well all day and gave us consistently good launches, at least one to over 1900′. The wind did increase during the morning but did not get as strong as forecast, probably no more than 18kts. max. By the time we finished it had dropped to almost nothing. A good day all round.

Steve P.

Tuesday 6th November 2012 – Doughnuts

We were lucky with the weather up to a point today. We knew it was going to rain in the early afternoon, it was just a case of when. We did manage to make a fairly early start and were flying just after 10am. The rain did not start until 12-45 so we got nearly 3 hours of flying in.

Launches were good with most people getting around 1700′ to 1800′. If the rain had held off a little longer and with the slowly increasing wind I am sure we would have seen 2000′.

So it was worth opening if only for half a day, the details are below.

Total Launches……………….17
Longest Flight…………………11mins. Well done to MartinC in the K18. There were 5 people hot on his heels with 10min. each.
Average Flight time…………..8mins.
Total Flight Time……………..2hr. 26min.

Many thanks to everyone who helped get everything ready nice and early. And especially to Allan who spent a very frustrating hour sitting in a traffic jam after a car crash blocked the roads out of Bromsgrove.

See you soon, Steve P.