Tuesday 13th November 2012

Today went very well after we had worked out how to get the cable back without doing damage to the field. We were also very careful in marking out a good solid part of the field to land on. It all went well and was a good exercise for people to land accurately from the slightly unusual approach on 24.

All 30 Doughnuts went by lunch time and we were lucky it stayed dry all day. It really was quite warm and we had our fair share of sun. It was good to see our new K6 on line and it was very well used all day. It is proving to be very popular.

Doughnut Details are….

  • Total Launches……………27
  • Longest Flight…………….13mins by Geof G, also worth a mention was 12mins by David S and 12mins by Bob Horsnell and Harry in a K13..
  • Total Flight Time………….3hr..35min.
  • Average Flight Time…….7min.

Backup Winch Doris worked well all day and gave us consistently good launches, at least one to over 1900′. The wind did increase during the morning but did not get as strong as forecast, probably no more than 18kts. max. By the time we finished it had dropped to almost nothing. A good day all round.

Steve P.