Tuesday 17th January 2012

We had a good turnout today with about 15 members on the flying list. It was a very quiet day with a  gentle S.S.W. breeze. Visibility was poor all day and canopy misting finally put paid to flying a little earlier than we wanted. Appologies to George who missed out on his 4th. (free) flight . If he had been a bit quicker with his eventualities he may just have got it, hey ho some you win, but in the end better safe than sorry.

Congrarulations to John H who went solo in the Junior, only problem is he is going to want it out every day now !  It WILL cost you John !

Finally the grim statistics,

Total Launches.   30
Longest Flights, (we use the term “longest” very loosely here)  Honours go to Humph, Roger and Pete (the Meat) with a mighty 8mins each !!
Average Flight time 6mins.
Total Flight Time  3hrs. 4mins.

A good time was had by all and in the end it was not as cold as we expected.
Thanks again to Alan, I don’t think we had to hot berth him today but he still worked very hard all day.

See you soon,  Steve.