Sunday 15th January 2012

It was certainly cold when we started out today but the members turned up, set up and we got stuck in.

The wind was generally from the South-East as it had been yesterday and although the sky was cloudless visibility was limited by a fairly low inversion.

We took two K13s and our K21 to the North-West launchpoint along with the single-seat K18. Launch heights were around 1,550. We have begun a new round of instructor training so the launch rate was steady. In the early afternoon, there was some definite thermal activity and some small climbs were made. The longest flight was 13 minutes. The T21 syndicate brought their aircraft up to the launchpoint and Derek H completed the required training to able to fly it solo – Well done!

During the day a group from Lasham collected a vintage 1943 Weihe glider which has been stored at Snitterfield for a while. The Weihe will become part of new gliding museum at Lasham. They had just a little trouble getting it into the trailer they arrived with.

Warwick University Gliding Club sent three members, a mix of experienced and completely new pilots who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We also had two visitors from Scotland who flew with us while they are in Stratford on Avon on business.

All told there were 48 launches and only the arrival of sunset stopped play. Several members were again able to partake in ever-popular winter 4th launch free scheme.