Monday 23rd January Dougnut Day

It still looks like it was  good decision to fly today. Tomorrow is looking very wet in the morning with quite big changes in the wind direction during the day.

Today started off a little overcast at 9am but it soon brightened up  and by late morning we had plenty of sunshine and a good westerly wind, not quite strong enough to get us to 2000′ but 1700′ was normal.

There were 15 members on the flying list and everyone flew, the only fly in the ointment was a hail storm at about 2-30. We could see it coming so we were prepared but a few members still got wet and Nick spent a happy half hour sitting in the K18 near the cross track while it poured down.  I am sure the company was very good. After half an hour the sun came back out and we only stopped flying when canopy  misting became a problem at 4-15.

Grusome details are,

Total Launches 26
Total Flight Time  3hrs. 6mins.
Longest Flight(s)  10mins, so no records there then. Well done to Martin Clark, David Clark  and Humph.
Average Flight time 6mins.

Many thanks to Allan for a brilliant day and stepping in at short notice.

Thursday is still looking like a good day so fingers crossed.

See you soon,  Steve.