Flying Report 24/2/17 – Doughnuts and Curry

We had a great day yesterday that turned out much better than expected. We broke the record for the longest flight of the year twice and there were lots of long flights as well.

The day started well with plenty of sun and a brisk breeze from almost due west, the field was in good condition after the strong wind from the previous two days with only a couple of wet patches which were easy to miss. We started flying at 10-44am and at 10-55 Allan W. launched in the Junior and it soon became obvious it was thermic as we watched him climb away. Despite Allan’s best efforts he has still not learned to fly straight and level as he spent most of his time upside down.! Ben was keen to get away as we watched Allan climb and after a short delay we followed him and flew straight into a 4 kt. thermal which took us to 2800′ (thanks Allan). From then on it just got better and it was thermic until 15-30pm. and at least one flight got to 3900′

We stopped flying at 16-44.

No rain and plenty of sun helped to make it a great day and when it did cloud over for half an hour at around 1pm Charlie’s Curry was ready and we all enjoyed that and then the sun came out again, perfect timing. Many thanks to Charlie for probably his best Curry yet.

Statistics below…………………

Total Launches…………………….32……..(We still have some way to go to beat the 64 launches last Sunday but the conditions were better.)

Longest Flight……………………..43mins in the K21, very well done to Jeff G. and Geoff G. and a new record to beat.

Second longest…………………..35mins…..also well done to Dave Y. in the Junior. There was another flight of 31min and several in the 20’s. V.G. Effort.

Total Glider Flight Time………..7hrs.

Glider Average Time………….13mins.

Another great day.

Steve P.

Flying report 7/2/17

Although it was a slow start today because of some early fog it turned out to be a brilliant day with several thermic flights. Early on it looked very promising when the light mist cleared at around 9am but 20 mins later very thick fog rolled in and stayed until around 10-30am. It then cleared very quickly and we started flying at 11am.

From then on it just got better and better with 18mins in the T21 and a couple of flights of 20 mins and then 23 min and finally an epic 34 mins which I think is the best flight of the year so far. It was warm in the sun and stayed dry all day until we finished flying at around 4pm when the canopies started misting.

A great day and well worth the wait for the fog to clear.

launchpoint 7/2/17

Statistics are…………..

Total Launches………24.

Longest flight…………34 min, very well done to Ken M., a really good effort in light conditions.

Second Longest……23 mins by David C. in the Junior, …… above.

Followed by………….20 mins from David R. and Steve F. in HSM and Paul R. also in the Junior.

And Finally……………18 mins by Phil P. in the T21, well worth a mention as he got to 2200′. I think it was the cold that brought him down !!!

Total Flight Time…….3 hr. 55 min

Average Flight Time……9 min. This included several S.C.B.’s

Roll on Summer,

Steve P.

Winter at SoAGC – Wednesday 2nd Nov 2016

We had a great day on Wednesday for the start of the winter season, Wall to wall sunshine, dry all day and a reasonable breeze. It was just a bit soarable for an hour or so. It really felt quite warm in the afternoon sunshine.

We started off outside the clubhouse but because the wind increased a little and went a bit more north than we hoped we finally had to move over to the south stub.

This gave us better launches and meant we could land directly into wind. There was a good turnout and everyone had a good day.

John G. finally managed his second flight in the Junior after a very frustrating couple of weeks when it was in the workshop for it’s ARC.

Apologies to everyone for the lack of Doughnuts, apart from not being able to drive for the next few weeks we had the gas man booked for yesterday but the gas man was late so I was not able to get down until the middle of the afternoon. Meant to bring them for lunch, must try harder next week !!!

So to the statistics,

Total Launches……………26

Total Flight Time………….3hr. 42mins.

Longest Flight……………..17mins. Very well done to John H. in the Junior. Saved my bacon by showing it was thermic.

Well done also to Lance P. and John G. who had good flights in HSM and the Junior respectively.

Thanks also to Tony for running a great day and sending everyone home a happy bunny.

Steve P.

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