Winter at SoAGC – Wednesday 2nd Nov 2016

We had a great day on Wednesday for the start of the winter season, Wall to wall sunshine, dry all day and a reasonable breeze. It was just a bit soarable for an hour or so. It really felt quite warm in the afternoon sunshine.

We started off outside the clubhouse but because the wind increased a little and went a bit more north than we hoped we finally had to move over to the south stub.

This gave us better launches and meant we could land directly into wind. There was a good turnout and everyone had a good day.

John G. finally managed his second flight in the Junior after a very frustrating couple of weeks when it was in the workshop for it’s ARC.

Apologies to everyone for the lack of Doughnuts, apart from not being able to drive for the next few weeks we had the gas man booked for yesterday but the gas man was late so I was not able to get down until the middle of the afternoon. Meant to bring them for lunch, must try harder next week !!!

So to the statistics,

Total Launches……………26

Total Flight Time………….3hr. 42mins.

Longest Flight……………..17mins. Very well done to John H. in the Junior. Saved my bacon by showing it was thermic.

Well done also to Lance P. and John G. who had good flights in HSM and the Junior respectively.

Thanks also to Tony for running a great day and sending everyone home a happy bunny.

Steve P.