Flying Report 17/2/15

We had a really great day today with the weather behaving itself all day. We got exactly what it said on the tin. A good westerly breeze of about 10 – 15 kts. gave us really good launches to around 1700′. The sun shone all day and we had an excellent turnout. We were a little late starting with the first flight at 10-30am but flew all day and took lunch in shifts to keep all 4 gliders in the air, our last flight was at 17-10, we made the best of the day.

It was thermic with the best flight at 2pm in the Junior. They managed 23mins with nearly a 1000′ gain in height. There was lots of lift about but it was weak and difficult to centre in.

So probably the best day of the year so far with the longest flight of the year. It was quite cold on the field but was nice and warm in the gliders, winch and bus.

Many thanks to Tony P. and to Nick J. who worked all day to make the day such a success and help to get such a high launch total. But also thanks to all the members who did all the unsung jobs without which we could not fly. No complaints even when it was getting late and even colder.

Total Launches…………………48

Total Flight Time………………6 hrs. 36 mins.

Longest Flight(s)………………23 min. Well done to Tony M. but also well done to Vic (glad your back) A. and Alan B. who both managed 14mins in difficult conditions.

Average Flight Time…………….8 mins. but that does include lots of cable breaks (Thanks Tony).

A great day, why can’t it be like this every week ?

Steve P.