Flying Report 3/12/14

Wall to wall sunshine was the order of the day today. No fog, no rain, not much warmth either but that was a small price to pay for such a nice day.

To start with we had a breeze from due north so we had to make a decision where to launch from but after a while it became obvious that we needed to be at the far end. With a small amount of east in the wind we were getting good launches up to 1700′ and we all got some practice in crosswind launches and landings.

There were no thermals of course but there was reduced sink in places and so some pilots (ok, just one) managed to extend their flight by a few minutes. We had a good turnout but there were a few of the usual members missing. Because we were a little late starting and an early finish because of misting canopies we did not manage to do as many launches as we would have liked so apologies to those who missed out on missed launches. Several members did get 2 flights but we could have done quite a lot more given more time. But we all had a good day in glorious winter sunshine with no problems except a broken cable on the last but one flight, it seemed to be just fair wear and tear as it broke on the shackle next to the chute. At least it did not cost us any launches as we were finishing by that time.

Total Launches……………..21

Total Flight Time…………..2 hrs. 27 min.

Longest Flight……………..11 min. Well done to Dave C. This is the second week running Dave has got this prize, must remember next week to launch straight
after him and follow him around and go where he goes !!!!!

Average Flight Time…………7 min.

Steve P.