Flying Report 24/11/14

It was well worth flying today and we were lucky there was no mist or fog to spoil the day. We had sunshine all day with varying amounts of cloud but a very light wind from the West which limited our launches to around 1400′. It was cold first thing but by the time we started to fly it was a little warmer so overall not too bad.

We had a good turnout and all the Doughnuts went very quickly. The field was wet but not a problem. The only problem we did have was misting of the canopies which finally stopped play a little early at 3-30pm.

A good day for training and staying current, no long flights but we all had a nice day. We had a visit from a member of another club who had two flights and also enjoyed his visit. We hope to see him again very soon. As I said earlier we had no fog but it was not very far away, we could clearly see it south of Stratford and a lot more out to the West. We were very lucky.

And so to the detail…….

Total Launches…………..24.

Total Landings……………24 (This is just for the C.F.I’s benefit).

Total Flight Time………….2 hr. 51 min.

Longest Flights…………….9 min. Well done to David C. Chris W. and Tony M.

Average Flight Time……..7 min.

Steve P.