Flying Report 16/12/14

We had a brilliant day with cloudless sunshine all morning and a gentle westerly breeze giving us launches to around 1700′. The only problem we had was a late start due to the canopies misting up and being slow to clear. We started to fly at around 10.45am which was a shame as we were very busy with about 25 members on the flying list when we started to fly and more came later.

We welcome 2 new members who both signed up for full membership today, by the way they are flying it should not be long before they are off on their own.

Everyone managed to fly and some managed 2 or 3 but we could have done so much more. We had to stop flying at about 15-30am once again due to misting canopies. Overall a very good day and a very busy day with the instructors being kept busy all day.

Total Launches……………..37.

Total Flight Time…………..4hr. 40min.

Longest flight……………..14min. Well done to John H. in the Junior and Ken M and Nick in the K21, closely followed by Tony M, Phill C, and once more John H. all with 13mins.

Average Flight Time………..7mins. but this did include quite a few S.C.B.’s.

Steve P.