Flying report 8/1/14

We had a great day yesterday after the rain finally stopped. It was a shame it took a little longer to clear than the forecast but when it did clear we had a great day. Because of the rain we did not start to fly until 12 noon but certainly made the best use of the day after that. The wind was also lighter than forecast so for the first couple of hours we were only getting around 14 – 1500′ but the visibility was very good and we had lots of warm sun.

By 2pm the wind had increased to around 20kts and our launches went up to 17 – 1800′ which was much better. Several members were away on holiday so 15 members on the flying list was pretty good. Infact because of the late start it was just about enough as we would have been hard pushed to make sure everyone flew if there had been anymore on the list. As it was everyone did fly and the 2 x K13’s and the K18 gliders we did use were kept busy all day. We did not use the K21 because of the soft ground.

A very good day and well worth the wait for the rain to clear. We stopped flying at about 16.15 as the light was going and everyone had flown.

Total Launches…………..25…………. A good total as we only had 4 hours flying time.

Longest Flight……………15mins…..A very good effort from a really nice chap but modesty stops me from mentioning his name. Well done to David S. Phil P. and Nick J. for all getting the second longest flights of 10mins.

Average Flight Time…….7mins…. This did include a few S.C.B.’s.

Total Hours Flown………..3hrs.

Steve P.