Flying Report 19/2/14

Another really good day. The weather was even better than expected with glorious sunshine all morning instead of the broken cloud we were promised. It did cloud over around lunch time for a couple of hours but it did not stop us flying. The sun came out soon after to give us a brilliant end to the day. No rain or even a shower and it really was quite warm until the last hour or so.

A very busy day kept all 3 x K13’s and the K18 in the air all day. The T21 also made several flights for those brave souls who don’t mind getting slightly chilled. It was not as thermic as Sunday but there were several flights of 11 mins. and Humph managed 12 in the K18. A special mention to Pete M. who managed 11mins. 2 up in a K13 from a very middling launch. He found some lift and climbed away a 100ft or so, all that on a check flight after a fair lay off, well done Pete. The wind stayed in the west for most of the day but finally backed to S.S.W. at the end.

The only down side was we had to be on single cable all day, if we had been able to tow out both cables we would have probably have done over 50 launches as we had to stop flying when the canopies finally started misting and there was still a lot to do. At least we were able to operate from outside the clubhouse.

Total Launches…………39.

Longest Flight………….12 mins. Well done Humph.

Total flight time………….5 hr. 2 mins.

Average flight time 7 min.