Flying Report 23/1/13

We took a bit of a chance this week in going for Thursday but it turned out very well. As forecast we had some rain early in the morning but it had stopped by 8-30am and within half an hour we had blue sky and by 10-30 it was nice and sunny although it was a cold wind. After the heavy rain on Tuesday night the field had dried out well and we were able to do a 2 cable tow out which helped with the launch rate.

Apart from a very quick shower during the briefing it was dry all day after the early morning rain. We had a very good day with 16 members on the flying list at 10am and a couple more arriving later. Everyone flew and several had 4 flights. It blew mostly West or W.N.W. for most of the day only going around to N.W. later in the afternoon, so for most of the day we were able to land on 27 and then on 33 for the last few flights.

For most of the morning it was blue sky and sunshine but there was some heavy cloud around lunch time but it soon cleared to give us a very sunny afternoon. There was a little lift about with some extended flights. A brisk 18 -22kt breeze gave us good launches to around 1600′. The lift was often replaced by 4 – 6 kts down just to make life a little more interesting.

Thanks to Nick for standing in for Allan and I think a good day was had by all with no problems.

Total Launches,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,31.

Longest Flight(s)………….13mins. Well done to Tony M. and Phil Pa. (closely followed by some others who shall remain nameless).

Total Flight Time…………..4 hrs. 9 min.

Average flight time…………8min.

A good day and well worth the effort.

See you soon,

Steve P.