Archie, Emily, Alistair & Bob solo the K21 at SoAGC

Well done to Archie, Emily, Alistair and Bob who all solo’d in K21s at Stratford on Avon Gliding Club over a fantastic weekend of flying achievement.

Our junior sailplane pilots Archie, Emily & Alistair originally trained and flew their first solos in our vintage ‘wood’ K13 glider. The K21 type is their first, modern ‘glass’ (fibre-reinforced composite) two-seat trainer which they are now cleared to fly solo.

Next stop for them is our glass single-seater fleet, the Junior, Astir & LS4.

Bob also flew his first ever sailplane solo flight in Stratford’s K21 G-CGAG.

An honourable mention for Dave G who was also authorised solo on the K21 although he is already flying our glass single-seaters.

Many thanks to duty instructors Andy S on Saturday & Mike C on Sunday who flew the checkrides and authorised the new K21 pilots. Many thanks as well to all of the club members who turned up and helped make the weekend work.

Saturday 10th November 2012

Today started with a rather wet field and a very low cloud base. The wind which was predicted to be a strong South-Westerly, gave us an easier time than expected and we were able to operate on the less damp areas of the field. The cloud base lifted slowly but broke up to enable launching before midday.

Thermal soaring proved not to be possible in general despite significant vertical cloud formations. Some pilots enjoyed themselves flying around the lower clouds; it gives a real sense of speed!

Warwick University Gliding Club sent a contingent of students along and they all enjoyed their flights. 32 launches took place in all; flying was finally stopped when canopies began misting due to the atmospheric conditions.

The club K8 was derigged and stored in the hangar. It will not be flown again as a club aircraft and is now looking for a new home. The new Ka6 was rigged and test positioned in the hangar. It fits nicely!

In this video, Andy shows Mark from UWGC a couple of aerobatic figures in our K21.