Archie, Emily, Alistair & Bob solo the K21 at SoAGC

Well done to Archie, Emily, Alistair and Bob who all solo’d in K21s at Stratford on Avon Gliding Club over a fantastic weekend of flying achievement.

Our junior sailplane pilots Archie, Emily & Alistair originally trained and flew their first solos in our vintage ‘wood’ K13 glider. The K21 type is their first, modern ‘glass’ (fibre-reinforced composite) two-seat trainer which they are now cleared to fly solo.

Next stop for them is our glass single-seater fleet, the Junior, Astir & LS4.

Bob also flew his first ever sailplane solo flight in Stratford’s K21 G-CGAG.

An honourable mention for Dave G who was also authorised solo on the K21 although he is already flying our glass single-seaters.

Many thanks to duty instructors Andy S on Saturday & Mike C on Sunday who flew the checkrides and authorised the new K21 pilots. Many thanks as well to all of the club members who turned up and helped make the weekend work.

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