Junior Glider Pilot Ben L Flies His First Solo

On bank holiday Monday, 15 year old junior glider pilot Ben L flew his first solo glider flight at Stratford on Avon Gliding Club!

Earlier in the day, Ben flew with senior full-category instructor Allan W in a series of simulated launch failures to ensure he was up to the required high standards of handling and airmanship for solo flight.

Making the grade, Allan briefed and authorised Ben for his first solo in our club K-13 trainer G-DCBW.


Ben flew an excellent first solo flight and landing whereupon he was congratulated on his achievement by mum and dad, his fellow solo junior glider pilots and the rest of the Stratford Gliding club members.

Ben is already studying for his Bronze C exams and is keen to become a cross-country glider pilot.

Well done Ben!