Flying report 10/1/17

We had a great day today with the weather getting better and better as the day went on.  We tried to make an early start as we thought it may be a short day, however the rain we expected at 2pm did not arrive until 3-30pm and even then it was very light.
The day started well with a good high cloudbase and launches to 1800′ – 1900′. a little bit of sun and bits of blue sky. It did however look misty a long way out to the West and we thought this may be a sign of rain later.
By 12 noon it was full sun and plenty of blue sky and even the temperature which was cold first thing had gone up to 9 or 10*c and felt quite pleasant, as long as you were well wrapped up.
We did the first two launches with the Skylaunch and then moved over to Doris, she gave us very good launches all day to around 1700′ – 1800′. As the wind had dropped slightly during the morning this was very acceptable. We had a few small delays while the winch team sorted out a few problems but given that Doris had not been used for many months it was only to be expected. We now have several members who are current on her again!! Thanks to David S.
A little rain at 15-30 finally stopped play but everyone who wanted to fly had, with several members having a couple of flights each. Overall a great day, many thanks to all those who arrived really early to get all the kit out so we could make an early start. It really was well worth the effort.
Total Launches………………….21.
Total Flight Time……………….2hrs  32min.
Average Flight Time…………7mins.  This included a few aerobatic flights which were of course short.
Longest Flight…………………10mins. Very well done to….David C,  Lance P.( with Adrian F),  Roger H., and last but not least Dave G.
And finally apologies to all who came today cos I forgot the Doughnuts, at least I have a good excuse, must try harder next week !!!
Steve P.