Flying Report Tuesday 30/9/14

We had a great day with better weather than expected. It was warm and dry all day and thermic from early afternoon almost until we finished flying at about 17-30 so we had another long day. Although the thermals did not go very high they were good enough for some really good long flights. We are now down to 2 x 2 seaters as C.B.W. has gone into the workshop for her annual check but we were able to make good use of her until she was de-rigged at lunch time. For most of the afternoon the launch point was empty as all the remaining 4 club gliders were in the air and as soon as one landed it was quickly turned around and re-launched.

Everyone flew and we all had a good day with no problems, we were a little late starting because of some early mist but it cleared very quickly at about 10-30 and we lost no more time.

So the statistics for the day were,

Total Launches………………..31. This was very good in view of the start time, length of flights and glider availability.

Total Flight Time……………….9hrs. 10min.

Longest Flight………………….1hr. exact, well done to Ken M. he could have stayed up longer but came back so others could enjoy the weather. Well done also to Tony M. and Humph who also had good long flights, there were several other who also had well over half an hour who I am sure could all have all stayed up longer.

Average Flight Time………….17mins. This is also good as it included quite a few simulated cable breaks and other short flight exercises. Well done to Alan B. for managing to stay in our field !

Overall a great day, well attended and enjoyed by everyone, must remember to re-stock with Doughnuts, all gone !!!

Steve P.